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Stylings + Stories is Under Thoughtful Re-Construction

I’ve been on hiatus. Did you miss me? I’ve missed you. Dearly. Grandly. With fervour and might. In the depths of my longing I’ve dreamt of you. You with your bright potted plants, your white walls crisp as thirsty canvasses and most of all, your inspirational resourcefulness, originality and unwavering determination.

You are my muse.

And, that is why I’ve been hibernating. I’ve been reconnecting with authenticity, mind bending the fuck out my company’s purpose and digging into all those tangled roots and waves to culminate a mission that not only feeds my own desires but also serves you, my delightful friends, with only the most useful tools, topics and talents for your business and art.

That being said, Stylings + Stories is undergoing a complete overhaul. We’re talking new branding, new website, new services, new everything. I appreciate your patience through this process and hope you will stay in touch to tell me what you most need for your business.

The focus here is drifting away from the intensity of marketing as essential to your success and reaching towards a steadier, more thoughtful approach to marketing as a tool to connect with your audience and express your art. I’ll still be providing the same sincere marketing services in the form of copywriting, editing, designing and consulting but up here on the blog you may see less urgent telling and more reflective sharing.

If you haven’t already, sign up below and I’ll keep you in the loop.

Blog Bundle :: 4 Brilliant Tools for Productivity that Soars

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Hey Beauties. I have something super cool to share with you today ::  Indigo put together a one-week-only sale for people wanting to get different viewpoints on being as productive + mindful as they can be that you can’t miss.

Basically the Magical Productivity Blog Bundle is a power package of four brilliant e-products (at a $202.84 value!) that allow you to become a more magical business person, see the behind-the-scenes of a successful business, have every resource you need for getting started with blogging, and learn about minimalism + how you can bring some of the concepts into your own life. And, the whole bundle is just $77.50 until Sunday July 27th at midnight. 

Pretty sweet, no?

Indigo included my eBook, Blog Babe :: A Toolkit for Brilliant Blogging, which I am super tickled about!

So you’ll get that, along with all this other mighty useful stuff ::

All for the low price of $77.50 (saving you 61%!).

The Magical Productivity Blog Bundle ends this Sunday at midnight, so check it out now. Your creative, mindful, productive life awaits!