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Blog Bundle :: 4 Brilliant Tools for Productivity that Soars

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Hey Beauties. I have something super cool to share with you today ::  Indigo put together a one-week-only sale for people wanting to get different viewpoints on being as productive + mindful as they can be that you can’t miss.

Basically the Magical Productivity Blog Bundle is a power package of four brilliant e-products (at a $202.84 value!) that allow you to become a more magical business person, see the behind-the-scenes of a successful business, have every resource you need for getting started with blogging, and learn about minimalism + how you can bring some of the concepts into your own life. And, the whole bundle is just $77.50 until Sunday July 27th at midnight. 

Pretty sweet, no?

Indigo included my eBook, Blog Babe :: A Toolkit for Brilliant Blogging, which I am super tickled about!

So you’ll get that, along with all this other mighty useful stuff ::

All for the low price of $77.50 (saving you 61%!).

The Magical Productivity Blog Bundle ends this Sunday at midnight, so check it out now. Your creative, mindful, productive life awaits!