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so, you dream of starting your own business...

problem is, your inner scaredy keeps holding you back.

You're wondering    

“Am I crazy for thinking I can start my own business? I don’t have time for that.”

“What if I put all my time and energy into this and it fails? That will be so embarrassing!”

“I want my own business so badly but I don’t know what it should be. How do I come up with good ideas?”

“I’m passionate about a lot of things and I’m afraid to pick just one... because what if it isn’t the right one?”

"I know what I want to do, but I haven’t started yet. How can I be sure my idea will make money?”

“How do I even get started. It all seems so overwhelming!”


you wish

you could feel confident, unstoppable, and know exactly what to do next.

you dream

about having a step-by-step outline of everything you need to do to start your dream business.

you crave

financial freedom (heck, even freedom in general) and a sense of fulfillment in your work.

This is your chance    

jump into your business your life your dream

What is Jump?

Jump is an all-inclusive digital guide to help creative entrepreneurs + coaches discover their most authentic self and gain confidence, so that they can finally make the jump to build the business of their dreams.

After you Jump, you’ll walk away with:

  • An unwavering sense of who you are and what you want
  • A clear vision of your dream business
  • A step-by-step road map that outlines how to launch + grow your business
  • A detailed brand strategy
  • A social media action plan
  • A simple, yet invaluable strategy for growing your list
  • The know-how to design products + programs your customers will love
  • A collaboration + outreach plan
  • Tools to make money using your website + blog
  • A custom script for explaining who you are + what you do
  • Magnetic strategies to attract your dream customers
  • A professionally designed calendar outlining the next 12 months for you and your biz
  • The confidence + expertise to jump into your business, your life, your dream

The digital guide includes:

section 01

  • 5 ways to move past fear + rewrite your self-limiting stories
  • An honest look at the 4 negative voices holding you back
  • Super effective strategies for overcoming the 3 biggest roadblocks to confidence
  • 19 exclusive tips for finding the perfect mentor
  • 4 secrets for creating a solid support network

section 02

  • The 2 sure-fire ways to create a profitable business
  • The one thing you need to know to have a consistent brand
  • An enlightening exercise to uncover your business’s core values
  • How to find your sweet spot so you can provide immense value doing what you love
  • A structured plan outlining your business model
  • The 5 questions you must ask before starting your business
  • The ultimate guide to identify + attract your dream customer
  • 3 key components that make up your business venn diagram

section 03

  • How to find your biz mojo + ignite your momentum
  • An exercise unveiling your personalized key brand words
  • How to combine your inner brand + outer brand
  • 10 key pieces of your brand strategy plan
  • A free brand strategy template (plus a look inside the one we created for Jump)
  • 4 tips for creating a magnetic elevator pitch
  • 5 scripts to write a killer bio
  • Professional tips for taking the perfect head shot
  • 3 reasons you need a website/blog + our tips on how to get started
  • 7 ways to market your biz using social media

section 04

  • How to design the perfect product + program for your dream client
  • The ultimate program delivery checklist
  • 6 proven tips to build your list
  • 9 ways to collaborate with other small business owners + expand your audience
  • 3 scripts for emailing big shots (so they’ll actually respond)
  • A template to create a yearly calendar for your biz
  • 5 ways to implement a self-care ritual (so you don’t run yourself + your biz into the ground)


  • 25 free + cheap ways to market your business online
  • Insider Secrets from brilliant bloggers eBook
  • A done-for-you guest posting kit
  • 13 profiles of women who made it big later in life
  • Over 75 Over 150 pages of worksheets, strategies, and tools to organize + map out your new business

What you won’t get with Jump:

This isn’t a quick fix to start your business overnight. There will be no promises of lazy, instant success through sleazy schemes and dishonest results. We won’t sugar coat the commitment and drive it takes to jump into your business, your life, your dream.

What you’ll be able to do after Jump:

  • Start the business of your dreams
  • Move past your fears + follow your passion with confidence
  • Connect with your dream customers and make sales
  • Clearly communicate your brand
  • Create products + programs in line with your brand
  • Collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs both new and experienced
  • Build a business that reflects the lifestyle you’ve always imagined

Is Jump for you?

Yes, if you:

  • Want to gain confidence to jump into your business
  • Are serious about creating a business + life you love but don’t know where to start
  • Want concrete tools to get started building your biz
  • Are tired of being scared and want to push through that fear to follow your passion
  • Want real life stories of the truth behind what it takes to start a business
  • Are a newbie entrepreneur who hasn’t seen the growth you expected

No, if you:

  • Are looking for a quick fix
  • Want to remain paralyzed by your fears and uncertainties
  • Feel you already know everything there is to know about starting a business
  • Aren’t ready to make your dream business a reality

Are You Ready to Jump!?

Jump Digital Guide Instant Download!

Order Jump now and get an instant download of this all-inclusive intensive digital guide plus loads of extras like a professionally designed brand strategy template, 25 marketing ideas, the top 13 over 30 inspirational women, your guest posting kit, and a behind the scenes look at Jump's Brand Strategy!

Buy Jump Now >> $249

Want a free copy of Jump!?

We're so excited about our new program that we've decided to give you a free copy of Jump when you purchase your Jump Sessions.

What are Jump Sessions?

The Jump Sessions are two 90-minute calls, one with each of us, to work on confidence, branding, laying the foundation for your business, building your list, creating your first program, etc. We'll answer your most burning questions so that you can make the jump with ease. Hurry, there are only 10 9 spots available.

Book a Jump Session Now >> $749 Jump Sessions in Two Payments >> $374.50

Hannah Braime for the Jump Tour
"Ashley and Stephanie use their learned-the-hard-way wisdom to help you avoid the mistakes and pitfalls that so many new entrepreneurs make. This book is full of super useful, totally doable advice - a must read for anyone who's ready to start working for themselves but just doesn't know where to start."
Sarah Von Bargen of Yes and Yes
Kyla Roma for the Jump Tour
"Jump is a fun, thorough, soulful way to pull yourself out of uncertainty so you can start this amazing new phase of your life! I wish I could travel back in time and give it to myself when I was starting out - it's exactly the tool that I was searching for."
Kyla Roma of Kyla Roma
Hannah Braime for the Jump Tour
"Wow! This is the guide I wish I had when I was starting out with my business. Ashley and Stephanie have covered everything you need to know to set up and run your ideal biz, from identifying your customers and creating first products, to how to take care of your business's most important asset: yourself! I've encountered many "how to start an online business"-related books and courses, and this one is the most comprehensive by far. Jump won't just give you the courage to make the leap into a business and life of your dreams, it will save you a lot of time and energy in the process."
Hannah Braime of Becoming Who You Are
Kait Creative for the Jump Tour
“Jump is full of the tools any business beginner needs to leap their inevitable "where-do-I-start” hurdles. I wish I’d had such a resource when I started, and I loved using all the worksheets and exercises to re-evaluate my business today."
Kait Jones of Kait Creative
Kerry Nieberding for the Jump Tour
"This guide is one-stop shop to opening and running your business successful. Jump is a must have for any new or aspiring entrepreneur. This guide will be your bible to your business."
Kerry Nieberding of Kerry Nieberding
Michelle Ward for Jump Tour
"I think what I love most about Jump is that it helps with both the emotional and foundational pieces of building a business that'll feel like play. And it's not just for newbies, either! The questions and worksheets here will help even a seasoned entrepreneur re-focus and tap back into their passionate career."
Michelle Ward of When I Grow Up Coach

You can now Buy each Section Individually:

Order Jump sections individually now and get an instant download of your favorite section of this all-inclusive intensive digital guide plus all the loads of extras like a professionally designed brand strategy template, 25 marketing ideas, the top 13 over 30 inspirational women, your guest posting kit, and a behind the scenes look at Jump's Brand Strategy!

Doing the Prep Work

Work through the emotional aspects of starting your business and start building your network with the first section in the Jump eBook. Here's what you can expect:

Buy Jump Section 01 Now >> $99
Laying the Foundation

Learn how to start your business right with a solid structure + thoughtful branding in the second section of Jump. Here's what you can expect:

Buy Jump Section 02 Now >> $99
Getting Started

Set your wheels in motion with advanced branding + all the technical bits of starting a business in this third section of Jump. Here's what you can expect:

Buy Jump Section 03 Now >> $99
What's Next?

Take your business to the next level with your first product/program, list building techniques, and done-for-you scripts in the last section of Jump. Here's what you can expect:

Buy Jump Section 04 Now >> $99

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I hear more about Jump and what I'll learn if I purchase the guide?

Why yes! We're hosting a Free Training Session on February 6th at 8pm EST // 7pm CST // 5pm PST. Sign up here for 4 secrets to Jumping into Business and learn how to feel confident, unstoppable, and know exactly what to do next.

Will this guide help me figure out what kind of business to start?

Heck yes! We've devoted an entire section of our digital guide to discovering what's the best business for you. You'll uncover your values, your sweet spot, and how to make your skills profitable!

I’ve owned my business for several years and don’t consider myself a “newbie" entrepreneur. Do I still need to buy this?

This digital guide is especially designed to help you start your business. But we've also included an intensive look at branding. If you feel like your business isn't growing as fast as you'd like it to, this is for you. We'll show you how to define your brand, build your list, identify your dream customer, and much more.

Why does this cost $249?

We have packed this guide full of all the information we wish we had when we first jumped into business, plus super awesome bonuses. If you work through the exercises and take the time to implement what you learn, it will save you hundreds of hours of research and trial-and-error learning. An intro to business course at your local university will cost up to $3,000, so we think $249 for all of this goodness is actually quite a steal!

Is there a payment plan available?

Yes! But only for the Jump Sessions. You can pay all at once or in two payments (one now and one a month later) at no extra cost.

How do I pay?

We've created some lovely PayPal buttons for you to use. At this point, this is our only accepted payment.

Can I get a refund?

We know that if you purchase the guide, work through the exercises, and devote time to implementing the material, you will feel confident jumping into your business. However, if you are not satisfied within 30 days, we will offer you a 100% refund.

If I purchase the digital guide, do I get to work with you both?

In order to get one-on-one attention from both of us, you need to purchase the Jump Sessions where you'll get two 90-minute calls, one with each of us, to work on confidence, branding, laying the foundation for your business, building your list, creating your first program, etc.

How are the Jump Sessions structured?

During your Jump Sessions we'll spend the first 60 minutes coaching you through the top struggles that are keeping you from jumping into the business of your dreams. Then, during the last 30 minutes you'll have time to ask us any other questions you're dying to have answered.

What will I learn in my Jump Sessions?
Ashley can:
  • walk you through the process of cultivating the confidence needed to start your business
  • explore your business' core values
  • help you identify + connect with your dream customer
  • create the perfect pitch for guest posting
  • share strategies to build your list
  • review your business plan + give personalized feedback

Stephanie can:
  • audit your website for optimized functionality + aesthetics
  • coach you through search engine optimization tricks
  • help you create a social media strategy
  • create customized colour palette that suits your business + personality
  • teach you how to use her favourite WordPress plugins
  • review your business plan + give personalized feedback
It seems like you’re sharing a lot of info in this guide. What if I have questions while working through it all?

You can email us at any time and we will do our best to answer your question ASAP. Also, make sure to sign up for our Jump newsletter where we'll answer the most popular questions.

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